First 'Ladies' match report for Apollo!

The season has started! The ladies team made their debut last night against an experienced Hartsdown team. To those who don't know, the ladies consist of 4 players ranked similarly to how composite matches work, but with only 4 players there are 6 games to a match.

Lee and Emily completed the first game of the clubs season, adapting well to counter the strengths of the opponents. The fitness of our players was evident and kept us in the game narrowly losing out 17-21 15-21. While this was going on Abby with Diana Spinner were also playing well and learning quickly. Having gone down 13-21 they came back to take the next game in style 21-14. Unfortunately narrowly losing out in the third end 17-21.

The games were close against a good team from Hartsdown, being new to the ladies league we were at a disadvantage having only had the experience of playing ladies against each other on club nights. However, our ladies are fast learners going into the last round of games Lee Funnell and Diana took a 21-18 lead then pushed on to win the next 21-12. The fitness of our players meaning they were in position to play their range of shots leaving the Thanet ladies with no answer to this type of play. Abby Armstrong and Emily Couzens were so unlucky falling behind 19-21 in their last game. This didn't deter them and with great spirit they took the next game 21-17 and now on a roll this confidence saw them win the 3rd end also 21-17.

The final score was 4-2 to Hartsdown but the players themselves said if the match was over 9 games we'd of won as we were coming on strong at the end. Game one completed and a lot was learnt and the signs are there our ladies are going to make an impact!

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